Monday, February 16, 2009

4.5 month update

Well, my growing body continues to amaze me and Michael.  I can't fit into some of the pregnancy pants I got at the beginning of my pregnancy!    My breast are still growing which has caused this strange phenomenon: I was getting into the shower and wondered what was on the bottom side of my breasts.  I soon found out it was my own flesh.  Either my belly is growing upwards or my boobies are sagging and resting on my stomach!  Strange sensation.  Another weird situation is my belly button - it is turning inside out.  Now I can finally clean out all that belly button lint!

All in all, I've gained 18 pounds.  One's blood fluid level is supposed to double during pregnancy which will usually account for 8.5 pounds in itself!  That may explain why I have gained so much, but have a relatively small bump to show for it.

above: 3.5 months pregnant

above: 4.5 months pregnant


  1. Hi cousins. I miss and love you. My dad thought of a great name for your baby the other day. What if you combined both your names and call her Miqueryn? haha it looks weird but sounds cute! (mick-care-in). Orrrr you could name her Brooklyn. Just some suggestions. Love you both!

    love, Meagan

  2. Hey guys- I hope all is well and I wish you the very best!!! All three of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care & Take it easy.

    (Maren, I adore those 4.5 month prego pants! Where can I pick a pair up? lol) :)
    Love you~
    Lisa Thoele