Monday, February 16, 2009

Poly Canyon hike

Everyone is telling me how important it is to walk and get moderate exercise during my pregnancy.  This is hard for me because my idea of exercise is snowboarding, surfing, rollerblading, etc.  - which are all out of the picture during a pregnancy (unless you are my mother who was trying to get up on the water ski while 8 months pregnant!).  So, Michael and I take hikes with our dogs - it is fun and still constitutes as exercise.  This weekend we hike Poly Canyon on the Cal Poly acreage.  This "canyon" is the home to various art and architecture students' projects.  The dogs loved roaming the open hills, catching squirrels and getting muddy.  Soon, we will be bringing  a little one here to explore!

Michael climbing on one of the projects - a geodesic dome.  Soon we will have another little monkey that will climb with him!

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