Monday, February 16, 2009

Super-sized Baby Stroller

Some people begrudgingly give up their sports car for a mini-van after months and years of trying to make a family fit in a two-door vehicle.  Michael and I did the opposite - we gladly traded in our truck and trailer for the mother of all mini-vans: a Class B motorhome.  And the kid is not even out yet!  Are we planning ahead or what?  Actually, since Michael and I LOVE to travel and make any spot we are a vacation, we've wanted one of these for a while - the baby is a convienent excuse, hee hee.  Now that we seem a bit self-indulgent, let me explain why this actually is the perfect baby mobile.  No more stopping at dirty gas stations or rest stops when the kid has to pee, just pull over to the side of the road and use your OWN toilet right in the baby wagon!  If the kids (or father) are hungry and grumpy, just pull over and pull something out of the little fridge and cook it on the 2-burner gas range!  Sleepy mommy or cranky baby?  Sleeps 4.   

We'll see how it works, but we think we are onto something ingenious here.

How's this for a baby stroller?

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