Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week Five: New Hampshire and Maine

Back in the company of Mimi and Boppy, we went to a campground in New Hamsphire (or was it Massachusetts or Maine…??? - they all run together there)!  Mila entertained some teenagers for about 15-20 minutes by throwing a sinker toy into the pool and having them retrieve it for her.  It was so cute!  I love watching my kids interact with other kids that are far from their age - there is something so sweet and loving about seeing older kids play with my little ones.  Or seeing Aveah being tender to an infant.  

Mila is into showing off her belly - to anyone!  Here she's showing a stranger in a coffee shop!

Avi taking our picture! Newburryport, Massachusetts. 
Avi asked, "Are you guys in love?"  "Yes!"

Visiting a submarine in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Boy am I glad that I don't have to live on one of those!
What a man!  Babywearing through submarine doors which are NOT easy to climb through.

Captain Mila!

Michael and Avi in the mess hall.

A good little lobster shack with an amazing view!

A typical morning in Mimi and Boppy's motorhome.  Everyone having breakfast.  Mila had to eat on the tile floor because she is still too messy!  But Mimi got her a cute little stool to use as a table or chair.
This is how our kids rolled if we took a drive longer than 45 minutes we would put on a movie and give them snacks.  This kept Avi totally entertained and Mila happy for about 1.5 to 2.5 hours.  We tried to keep our daily drives less than 3 hours to keep the kiddos happy.  

Stopping for the day at the cutest little town: Camden, Maine!  We parked here and were within walking distance of: the docks and gorgeous tall ships, a wonderful library, a cute park, and downtown.  

Mila naps and one of us stays near the motorhome while the other goes exploring with Aveah.  Today, I sat on the steps overlooking the water, read, drank tea and enjoyed some quiet time while Michal and Aveah explored the river below!

Then I took the girls and we went exploring while Michael had some alone time.

The water is still warm!

Melting down Mila close to bed time.  Beautiful full moon in the background!

See Avi dancing on the grass!

snuggle time!

Mila all snuggly with her blanket and "paci."

Avi wanted to a photo shoot... 

and so did Mila, but once we got outside, Mila had a melt down (but only for a minute - she's such a sweet girl, getting over tantrums really quickly usually!)

All better!

She could jump off this rock for days!

This amazing monument was just a 3 minute drive up the hill from our campground.  It was a memorial to all World War Two lost lives.

The view of the town and harbor from the monument.

About 19 weeks pregnant and I can feel her kick now.  And even though she's physically closer to me than we ever will be (she's literally one with me), I still put my hand on the outside of my belly, just so I can also feel her with my hands, touch her a little more, and imagine what it will be like to hold her!  She's been such a sweet little baby and a blessing so far!  

Michael checking out my "fat" belly!

O'lakai/flipflop family!

This may be the only picture of the 6 of us we got on the whole trip!

My daddy and me!

That cute library I was talking about earlier.  I think in cold snowy places like this they need to have spacious gorgeous libraries!

How and where Mila napped and slept!  She would just climb right into her tent all on her own.  What a sweetie!

Waiting for Mila to wake up so we can drive to our campground!

A beautiful bridge in Souther Maine.

Roberta pinning a lobster bib on Michael!  Roberta lives in the tiny township of Franklin, Maine.

Our lobster dinner consisted of lobster.  That's all.  And white wine.  And banana cream pie for dessert.  Maren had 3 lobsters!

The aftermath.

Walking down Roberta's huge lawn to the bay.

Roberta's house.

Mila sharing a flower with Mama.

This is how I feel right now!

A gorgeous little picnic spot. But it wasn't too relaxing having a  2-year-old next to this rushing river in Ellsworth, Maine!

Avi in Roberta's spa while Mila napped.

Roberta's sweet sweet pug, Katie.

Where we recycled our Lobster shells - back to the sea!

We all loved the spa!

Avi loved spending hours out on this spa with Roberta's other sweet dog, Oscar.

Avi in her "Icelandic" sweater in Maine.  Schoodic Point.  

playing stick swords

It is so fun to love on Mila!  

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