Wednesday, July 2, 2014

East Coast 2014: Week Three - Cape Cod

Our first stop after leaving the city, what a difference!

A little different campground experience. Mila loved all the textures on the ground: dirt, pine needles, pine cones, rocks...

Lobster ice cream for Michael in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Our first Cape Cod beach! It was cloudy, a little rainy but warm.

Mila is always happy!

Exploring the shallow brackish stream going to the ocean. 

Water puppy! The water was so warm in this stream. 

It rained a little, and most of the people left, but we just got our raincoats and umbrellas and kept playing!

We found about 30-40 hermit crabs and made a pool and water slide for them. Michael and Avi played with this for a long time!

Mila got a little cold with her wet suit and the wind, so I snuggled her in my jacket. Love!

We met up with Mimi and Boppy!  How fun!!!

Avi is 5! She spent the night in Mimi & Boppy's motorhome and when Maren and Michael came in they brought the birthday girl balloons!

Birthday decoration! 

My two babies!

Mila had her potty off in the grass, so off she went while Boppy watched her.

A beautiful place to pee!

We went to see a puppet show with Mimi for Avi's birthday!

Getting to this outdoor theater was an adventure in itself! 

The theater parking lot! It had a lot of good dandelions! 


We got to make s'mores around the campfire for Avi's birthday! (Avi wore her Elsa Frozen dress all day, of course!)

Always ready to use the potty!

Mila is just the right size! 

The 12:02 kiss! Avi was born exactly 5 years ago to the minute!

We love her!!!

My first lobster roll! So yummy!

Normal kid behavior in a restuarant! 

Watching Avi's gift from Mimi (Anne of Green Gables) while Mila napped. Michael and Maren may have snoozed, too!

The cutest and coolest General Store in Brewster! Fun inside and out!

restaurant novelty kid entertainment.  love it!

This poor piano left outside!

A jam kitchen! I wanted to take a jam making class, but it just didn't happen. 

Avi fearlessly wanting to hold a snake at a kids nature reading program in Sandwhich. 

Avi, Mila and Maren at a cool beach in Brewster that had a long low tide beach to explore. We could walk a mile out to sea!

Michael always gets down and plays in the sand!

About 17 weeks pregnant. 

Aveah, Michael & Mila. 

Maren and Mila. 

Mila should be napping, but she's happy to be exploring the church grounds.

One tiny baby, one huge door.

Mila trying to touch the ceiling! 

Church of the Transfiguration. If I built a church, this is exactly how it would look. Every detail was unique, organic, had a purpose and significance. The mosaics tile was amazing!!!

The altar: Each dove was unique, and all lead towards Christ in the center. 

The nicest bike path! We rode 16.9 miles. Mila slept the last few miles, Avi loved every second!!

She loves to close her eyes while she rides - a luxury she can afford while she's connected to daddy!!

We had to stop to listen to a good song on Mimi's stereo!

Canoe ride on the pond in our campground. Thousands of Lilly pads!

We went looking for frogs, didn't see a one, but saw turtles!

Underneath shot of a Lilly pad.

Avi picked these flowers, then Mimi put then in a vase in her motorhome. That night the petals closed and the next morning they opened! They did that for several days!

Avi and I went on a nature marsh walk and learned about lots of sea marsh animals like this fiddler crab (the boy crabs have one huge claw) and horsjoe crabs (that have been around since before the dinosaurs)!

We couldn't make the whole 2 hours at the marsh walk-it was warm, we didn't have water & Avi had biked 16 miles the day before!
We were beach-hungry, so we went to the ocean side beach (as opposed to the bay side beaches we had been going to) and found out how cold it was! Boy, we've been spoiled by all that warm water! It was too cold even for Michael to swim!

Provincetown. Main busy street! Avi bought lemonade from some kids. 

Pilgrim Tower - we climbed to the top. Avi skipped all the way up!

A long way up and down!

Boppy gave Aveah a quarter to look through the binoculars. 

We did it!

Watching a video at the Pilgrim Tower museum. Mimi was always wanting to learn more! Avi was so patient and would sit there with them to learn, too!

Getting some Mimi Boppy time in before we leave them.  

Saying goodbye to Mimi with a good read on the couch.  We are off to Boston!