Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

Coming home from our trip, we first stopped to visit Brant, Aryn and the boy cousins!
Brant got a sitter to watch the 4 kids and we went on a brother-sister date!  Don't know if we've ever, ever done this, but it was fun! Here we are at a free ocean museum that had the coolest interactive Google Earth display!

Brant's kids can sleep in any car at any time!  

About 5 months pregnant

on the train ride back to Oceano.  

This may be on of the last naps Mila took on me in the ergo.  She's so sweet.  I loved all of these moments with her breathing softly on me.

one last farm walk with Lucy before she moves back to Vancouver

mommy night out to celebrate Sarah P's birthday

Hanna gave me a body pillow! A pregnant woman's best friend!

Avi got a candy necklace for 50  cents of her own money at the Halcyon store.

Millie reading to Avi!!

Mila got half the creamer in her cup!

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