Monday, July 7, 2014

East Coast 2014: Week 4, Boston

We were lucky enough to get a room at the Cambridge Cohousing! The outside was cute and the location was great: right on a bike/walking path that led between a nature preserve and football field on the 5 minute walk to the subway!

So nice having a kids room with a couch for the tired parents!

Using the cart to unpack our car into our room.

Taking the lift to the second floor with all our stuff! See Mila?

Reading in our room after the kids fell asleep.

The quaint dinning room.

Our first day. Cambridge. Harvard Square. "Look ma, I got into Harvard!"

Avi at Harvard. 

Mila not wanting a picture at Harvard!

Me & baby three!

The freshman dining hall! Gorgeous building! I tried to sneak in to see the inside but I couldn't. 

Play things for the kids!

See us girls?  Harvard classrooms.

Boston Ultrasound! $350 told us that she has four limbs, a healthy heart and is a girl!

The first picture of our 3 girls!

It was soooo hot that day we just went home and crashed til about 4:30 then we went swimming at the free local pool - just a 7 minute walk from the Cohousing! We had to all get out early though because the sound of thunder made them close it for an hour. See Michael and Mila?

Riding the escalator is a thrill in itself! Michael took the girls up and down and up and down while we waited for our train.

Mila thinks she's so big!
Avi has me look out the window! (It's always black because we are in a tunnel! But that doesn't stop her from getting all excited when she gets a "window seat"!)

Letting Avi swing when the train is empty. 

One of the oldest cemeteries in Boston. Something like 10,000 people are buried here including Paul Revere. The tombs were swept and reused when enough time passed, so the markers (when you can read them) are likely not accurate.

Avi finally got her face painted!  A unicorn!

The family who drinks coffee together stats together! Molly Leach recommended this cute place, The Thinking Cup. 

Hurricane Arthur won't keep us in. In fact, we much prefer this weather over the hot hot humid weather a few days before. 

Raining hard! This is where the Boston Tea Party happened.

At the coolest children's museum! But our girls can find fun anywhere - even the lockers in the lobby!

Ladybug Mila!

Even the bathrooms are cool in the children's museum! There's a kids size toilet and parent toilet. The wall art was from the iconic book "Everyone Poops"!

having lunch at the oldest pub in America!

Paul Revere's house

A sunny day after the hurricane passed! I loved this old old steet!

The church that showed "two lanterns if by sea" the fateful beginning of the Revolutionary War. At this church you bought a cubby, decorated it, and sat there during service.

Playing with Mila while we wait for our food at the oldest tavern in the United States, Bell in Hand.

Maren took the girls to the science museum while Michael had a few hours "off. Thanks to Carol, our coho host, we got in free!

Mila, barely 2, stood for 10-15 minutes and to watch this hands-off presentation/expirement using vacuum pressure! It cracked me up - her attentiveness, while all the other kids were 5-7 years old.

Just a pretty view from our patio dinner table that night.

We got lucky - this restuarant Molly recommended had a super fun street performer that kept the kids attention. We got to eat slower than normal!