Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin'

Step 1: get all cuddly in the wagon.

Step 2: mom constantly looks back at infant to make sure she's "okay"

Step 3: walk down the hill to your local pumpkin stand. Smile big along the way!

Step 4: Search, search, search

Step 5: Find not a pumpkin, but Daddy's camera!

Step 6: Smile for photo opportunity!

Step 7: appreciate how mom picked out a sweatshirt the matches the pumpkins

Step 8: Kiss that baby and hold those little feet to warm them up!

Step 9: Give baby photo opportunity!

Step 10: load up wagon and have dad do the pulling UP the hill!

Step 11: Get congratulatory kisses from your father on being such a good pumpkin picker.

Step 12: Continue step 11

Step 13: Smile and reflect. 

Step 14: make a new tradition: pick up some bananas while getting your pumpkin!  

(Wish I could pick up a chunky cute baby like this every October!)

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