Friday, October 5, 2012


Tonight I put you to sleep Avi. This meant that I picked out your PJs & you put then on. Then I told you a story and took you to the bathroom (twice). Then I laid down next to you. First, you started to push me away with your legs, but then I warned I would leave & you instantly changed. I said, "Spoon me," and you said, "What means spoon?" So innocent & sweet... Then you spread your blanket over my shoulders & torso. Next you gave me two of your favorite stuffed animals (you only had three total)! Finally, you gave me a kiss on the cheek. You are such a lover.

I wish I could say you immediately went to sleep, but alas you were too squirmy - I had to leave so you could calm down...

I'm writing this know, and I just heard your little voice say, "is it morning time yet?" It's 7:56pm... So cute, but also so tiring!

It's 8:03... You are still awake. I'm tired.