Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012

Here's a bunch of random photos from our journeys in September 2012.
Avi is getting much more sweet, understanding and accomodating of her new sister.  She is so sweet with her - she imitates my voice and cadence and diction when talking to Mila. She's a great "little mama."
Mila wearing a bonnet hand-made just for her by Gigi's friend.

Day at the beach!  Daddy holds Mila while Avi plays with her friends Millie and Halle.

I love how sweet Avi is... you can see the tenderness in this photo.

Millie and Avi rocking it on Avila Pier.

Fred and Pacha

I love how they look like they could be 70 years old here the way they are interacting with each other.

Dentist gift (bribe).


sick baby Aveah.

running to feed the chickens with friends!

found some really cool sea caves!

Aveah letting Mila stop and smell the flowers.

we were flying that kite!

"someday this will all be yours" mila!

hiking to the top of Islay Hill.

Tessa love at the Barn.

Going down a gnarly trail in the Bob stroller.

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