Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I want Millie and Halle to come over.

We probably hear this sentence a few times a day: I want Millie and Halle to come over.  Of course, once they are here - in typical toddler fashion - she often says, I want Millie and Halle to leave.  Neverttheless, they are some of her closest friends right now because they have playdates (i.e. kid swaps so that each parent can have two free afternoons a week)  three times a week. 
On a warm October day we set up a sprinkler for the girls to run through.  Millie just watched, but Avi and Halle got all wet.

 Daddy and Mila chilling on the grass while Avi plays nearby.

Avi loves to take her friends to the trampoline, too.

Sometimes after a dirty day, they take a bath together.  (For some reason, Millie didn't want to get wet this particular day.)

Other days we go on explorations in the grove.

Avi and Halle with Millie in the background.

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