Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photoshoots - July 2012

Since Mila has been born, we haven't gone farther than Cambria.  We've spent all summer at home, play with Avi, relaxing with Mila and photographing and editing.  It has been a slow paced summer but still somehow busy!
Mila asleep at 4 weeks old.  There are few things better than seeing your baby peacefully asleep.

Our other "baby" asleep.  I came in to wake Avi from a nap because her friend had come to visit and found her asleep like this.  It's so funny how little kids do things - I just had to take a picture!

 On July 4 we did a photo shoot for Mila's birth announcement.  The following pictures are the result:

 I love the juxtaposition of the toddler and the newborn on this one.

The following pictures are from July 17 - Mila's about 6 weeks old here:

 "Nursing" on daddy.

Avi LOVES to kiss on Mila.

Testing out a new camera I got on July 21st before a wedding.  Here Avi is playing in our newly designed and planted side yard:

 Even though she's SO big compared to Mila, she's still my little girl. 

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