Friday, August 17, 2012

Aveah's 3rd Birthday Party

The 12:02pm kiss!  
Every year at 12:02pm on June 27th I stop whatever I'm doing and come and kiss you.  This year, I drove from a photography meeting in Pismo Beach to your Oceano parent participation class where Pacha was watching you to give your sweetness a kiss.  I love you, Aveah Dove.

You weighed 26.8 pounds and were 35" tall on your third birthday.  We are so glad you are growing healthy, my love.

 Gigi held sleeping 3-week-old Mila during the party.  Thanks, Gigi!



 A little shy at first, but then she got into the cake and candle thing.  She loves chocolate - so we got a chocolate ganache cake from Trader Joe's.  Easy and tasty (even to adults) - that's how we roll...

 Kendall, Avi & Halle
 Sarah Roos and Tessa!

Of course we went to Sinshimer Pool for Avi's party - she LOVES to swim!

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