Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mornings with Rachel and Amy.

Almost every morning after we wish Daddy goodbye for the day, Avi and I will walk over to Rachel and Amy's house and hang out while they get ready to go to school.  Lucy, the dog, and Jessie, the unfriendly cat, are there, too!  Avi has a blast, and Rachel and Amy swear it makes their day to see Avi every morning.  Avi's favorite things to do there are: steal some of Rachel's breakfast, put her hands in Lucy's waterbowl when Amy isn't looking, go into Rachel's room while Rachel is picking out her clothes, feed Lucy Rachel's breakfast, sit on the steps and demand Rachel sit next to her, give the "eye" to Amy and make Amy crack up laughing, and shout "bye" to anyone else who walks in the door...

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