Saturday, February 26, 2011

Basketball and Avi.

Anything that involves a ball automatically has Avi's full attention.  In fact, one of Avi's first words, signs and most common word is "ball".  She loves them!  So, while Avi was not the best spectator at her 2nd Cousin Kelly's basketball game: she kept trying to walk onto the court; she was definitely the most enthusiastic!  
 Avi is carrying the team's mascot - the Lion. Behind her Great-Aunt Pam and Great-Uncle Eric are entertained.

 I LOVE this picture!  Great-Grammy Louise is happy and Avi is content.  
Gigi hasn't missed one single game of Kelly's - talk about a dedicated fan! 

Here's the star, Kelly, in black, #34.  Go Kelly!

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