Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I would never! Right? Avi would never! Right...?

So, as a parent there are things you say you will NEVER do, and then of course there are things you swear you'll kid will NEVER do (how could they if you raised them?).  Well, my list of things I promised to myself that I would never do keeps getting smaller everyday.  As a pregnant woman, it was so easy to have ideals about how you would raise your children.  I will never put my child in front of the television so that I could finish washing the dishes (because couldn't I do the dishes and watch my child at the same time?!), I'll never let my child sleep alone in a bed by herself (after 8 months of co-sleeping, I regretfully gave up that principle.  But I will say, I wouldn't trade those 8 sleep-disturbed months for 80 months of great sleep!), I will not be one of those people that bring their crying kids into public places (let's face it, if you're hungry and tired, you are not tempted to leave that plate of food even if the couple across from you at the restaurant are giving you and your fussy child the eye), I will never let my kids eat processed or color-dyed food (Yea, I said this before I knew how loud my child could scream).  So, you all know I'm a big failure, and that's okay, because I know my kid won't ever do anything against my principles, like: be a groupie for a boy-band, or like the Disney princesses, or want to play with barbies.  Right?  Right.  My daughter will be above those superficial trappings of childhood and adolescence. 

Well, I have a feeling that even as hard as we try, our daughter may - oh please spare us - might fall for the likes of Justin Bieber.  In fact, that's exactly what happened to the sweet, innocent daughter of some of our closest neighbors.  Rachel is totally in love with the latest boy-pop-singer, Justin Bieber.  And just because I believe in the power of blackmail, I took the opportunity to snap some photos before they left for Justin's movie premier the other night.   (Notice their Justin Bieber shirts and matching eye shadow?) Let's just hope that  Rachel's crush will fade by the time she's getting married so I can cash-in on these pictures!

 Rachel on the right.

Avi confused and stressed by this pop-culture infatuation.  Stay that way, Avi.


  1. Everything you mentioned above, is a big part of being a parent. Welcome to the club!!!! I Love You, Mom Jules

  2. Ha Ha! I love this!! I hope our daughter's always have our amazing musical tastes, but I have a feeling the newest heartthrob will probably win out in the end.

    Avi is an amazing baby and you are a wonderful mother - no matter what concessions you have made!