Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures Update (October 2010-February 2011)

 Avi's first Jamba Juice smoothie.  She L-O-V-E-D it!  People walking by would literally stop and comment on how cute she looked.  So, after the third or fourth comment like that, I asked a stranger to take our picture.  She is about 16 months here.

 At about 19 months, Avi loves taking everything out and then putting it back in (well, most of the time she puts it back).  Here we are at Jamba Juice again.  While I was getting the correct change out of my wallet to pay, Avi accomplished this whole mess!  Ahhhh... the joys of parenting in public!

Mimi fixing Avi soup.  Avi learned how to say "soooop" after this time with Mimi. 

Kendall and Avi going to Costco together.  Gotta love those extra wide shopping carts with two child seats!

 A rare moment away from Avi.  Maren and Michael got out on a date after we put Avi down for bed and left her with Sitti during Christmas time in Fresno.  We drove down Christmas tree lane during a light rain.  The water on the street reflected the light and made the experience magical!

 During a hiking trip: Harmony Headlands.  Notice Aveah in the back, saying "come on, parents!"  Cousin Kelly went on this hike with us.

At about 17 months, Avi finally has enough hair to pull back into a very small ponytail! 

We got a new (to us) car in August.  Well, just a few months later, we discovered a rat or mouse had chewed through our new upholstry to get inside our car.  Why?  Because Avi's little snacks were thrown all over the back seat.  Why do I let her eat in the car? (Well, I didn't for a long time after this tragedy); because it's one of the only ways to keep her happy during car trips.

A happy (but cold and wet) morning picnic on Pier Avenue beach.  Mommy made breakfast burritos wrapped in foil, hot tea, and extra snacks for Avi and we headed to the beach one winter morning.  About five minutes after we got there it started to rain.  We finished our food quickly and headed home.  But it was still a fun memory!

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