Thursday, March 17, 2011

Santa Maria Children's Museum

The coolest discovery of the month for Avi is the Children's Museum in Santa Maria.  This place rocks for a town that is lacking in so many ways.  Way to go, Santa Maria!  We got our year passes and have already paid for off by how often we've gone!

 Avi the miner / archeologist / cutie pie.

 Daddy having fun!

 Avi the farmer.

 Funny smile!

 Something strange about this picture?

 It was the shoes!  Avi's fascination / fetish with shoes started around 18 months and is still going strong! She loved putting on any shoes, any size, anywhere!

 The whale's mouth slide, complete with sound effects.

Sarah holding Avi while Kendal is held by Maren.  We all are waiting for the shark (only a 2' shark) to swim by again.

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  1. "Avi the miner/archeologist/cutie pie" - you forgot she comes from a family of builders who all wear hard hats. Just wanted to set the record straight. Grampy