Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sitti's, August 2010

Cousin Jaime, Momma, Aveah, Cousin Miles

All the cousins and Sitti reading Avi a book before bed. She was having so much fun with all that attention! If you asked Avi to point out the apple, she could find it and point to it. That impressed her cousins and grandma!

Looking up to Cousin Matthew.

Sitti feeding Avi watermelon.

Isn't this the cutest expression on Avi?!

Bath time in the sink!

Gotta have sun protection from that Fresno sun!

Avi using her first swimming pool (a Christmas gift from Uncle Matt & Cousin Matt).


  1. Every expression of Avi's is the CUTEST! She has the best smile ever!

  2. I just love those pictures! I'm so glad I was able to give Avi a bath in my kitchen sink!! All my grandkids have had a bath in that sink, how I have been blessed!!!!