Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Vacation iPhone Pictures

Downloaded from my phone - here are some random, low-quality (but high-meaning) pictures from our trip this summer.

Avi getting out her passport before crossing the border into Canada.

Tribute picture to Maren's brother Brant.

A moment captured. This was on the Sunshine Coast, about 30 miles south of the "end of the raod."

Michael and me at the "end of the road", or as the people in Lund, British Columbia like to say, "the beginning of the road/mile zero." This is where Highway 101 begins and the road north ends.

This is one of our (free) "campgrounds". This is in downtown Portland, along the river in a parking lot for a computer firm. We love this spot! Along a bike path, near downtown, quiet at night, free!

Here's a view from our "campsite" in Seattle. This was a residential/commercial street in the hip Freemont district. We stayed here close to a week. The bike path you see stretched on for miles. There were cute coffee shops in abundance nearby (it is Seattle!). In the evenings when Avi would go to sleep, one of us would sneak out to get food and a RedBox DVD, then we'd sit with the monitor outside and eat while watching the boats go by. In the morning, we'd leave our campsite, drive downtown, park and explore downtown during the day. Theo Chocolate factory was right around the corner (free chocolate tasting whenever our hearts and taste buds desired)!

Here's an example of eating dinner outside our camper. This campsite, though not as pretty, was centrally located. This was the parking lot of a hotel in Hood River, Oregon. Nearby was a Starbuck (think breakfast and coffee) and RedBox (think entertainment while baby is sleeping) - two essentials on this trip.

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