Saturday, September 11, 2010

She's a Hiker.

Avi is a hiker. Really, I'm not exaggerating. She hiked uphill for a good quarter of a mile on an official hiking trail along Multanomah Falls in Oregon. As she passed people along the trail, they would comment: "She's hiking better than me", or "Keep going, baby!", and "Oh, my, isn't she the cutest!", etc., etc. We've heard many comments from strangers before (having a baby makes you an instant friend of the world), but what was interesting was that everyone, yes, everyone we passed had something encouraging or sweet to say to her. I thought it was so uplifting and beautiful of the human race to edify this little hiker.

Aveah was so confident of her hiking abilities she was ready to hike downhill, too, even against her parents protests. We tried to hold her hands going downhill, but she waved them off by shaking free of our grasp. She probably would have been successful at her downhill hiking if it wouldn't have been for that gravel that she slipped on that plummeted her forward without time to put her hands out to brace the fall. Result: her first goose bump on her forehead. It was enough to break our hearts with worry. She sobbed, and luckily, mommy's milk was there and she was able to breast feed (the only thing that calmed her down). What would we have done without that secret weapon? Her forehead even had little scratches on it from the gravel. This experience was shocking enough to us that we decided to book it home, we were spent! (Thus, this is the official last post of our Summer 2010 epic vacation.)

Avi would fall and get right back up. What a trooper!

Here's one of her admirers that stuck around for 5 minutes or so. She just couldn't get enough of little Avi!

About 3 minutes before the "fall."

After the fall, Daddy is calming Aveah down with some food and a book, while mommy reads through the baby books about what are the signs and symptoms of a concussion! If you look closely, you can see the shine of the bump forming on her head and the bluish color underneath. Poor Avi.

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  1. my beautiful Avi, I wish I could have taken that fall for you! I Love You, Sitti