Friday, January 1, 2010

Here's to 2010!

Avi is hoping for a monumental year in 2010. She intends to take her first walking steps which will subsequently keep her parents on their toes. She plans to pronounce some words (beyond the carefully articulated Latin she's been conversing with us in lately), including a couple of daddy's favorites like vermillion and caesura (well, maybe in 2011). Also, 2010 should see Avi's dinner menu expanding beyond mommy's stuff (even though that milk is as good as it gets-- organic, free-range, no added hormones, and it's even on the house).
Other note-worthy 2010 endeavors include sleeping through the night (her parents are so looking forward to this and letting mommy & daddy more easily escape on some dates (we forgot what the inside of movie theater looks like or the delicate ambience of a low-lit intimate restaurant). Avi is also looking forward to some international travel this year with Vancouver, Canada first on her list. Bike-riding will be on the agenda for 2010, as will be underwater swimming, baby sign language, inserting feet into mouth, opening cabinets, tagging our walls with crayons, simple game-playing, and ice-sculpting with a chainsaw.
And as in 2009, she will resume her ongoing success at flooring everyone around her with unabashed cuteness & wonder. Happy New Year, everybody.

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