Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beautiful Baby contest

Avi has officially been entered into her first "beauty contest." I promised myself I wouldn't torture Avi with contest and beauty pagents and the like (unless she specifically wants these things), and I've already caved. Well, I've got a good excuse, the grand prize for this "Beautiful Baby" contest is $125,000 cash for college! So, if Avi makes it to the finals, I will be emailing everyone I know to have them vote for Avi. Here's the image we used, it was taken about 4 days ago.
Watch out Tyra Banks, Avi's beautiful (and she doesn't even need to take her clothes off to prove it)!


  1. great picture! might have to ask you about what you charge for baby pictures. in case you're wondering, i'm zoe's mom from hiking class :)