Friday, January 8, 2010

Avi's first teeth!

Aveah showed me her first two little teeth today!  They are barely breaking the skin of her lower jaw, and they are white and wide.  I am so impressed with her big girl development!  This week has been rough with nights that had too little sleep.  The night before last, I think the most sleep I got was 80 minutes straight.  Last night, I begged Michael to take her for the first half of the night while I slept in the guest room upstairs.  He is such a good dad and husband, the little bugger didn't sleep more than 5 minute stretches for him, but he endured so I could get some sleep and sanity back!  Thanks, Michael!  Avi should be sleeping better now that the painful part is past (the breaking of the teeth through the gums).  Keep your fingers crossed!

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