Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 Months?! Time is a fly that should be swatted with a big, plastic fly-swatter.

Time seems to be on fast-forward with an infant. Our baby is already 6 months old. Emphasis on the word old. Half a year. 1/20th of a decade. 1/200th of a century. If Maren had a superpower, it would be to stop time and enjoy Avi as an infant for the next 1000 years. I (Michael), on the other hand, am a bit more accepting of Avi's warp-speed development, as long as I don't age through the whole process. I'd save my superpower on something more extravagant and lucrative, like the ability to instantly evaporate Avi-drool from my shirt. Or to hypnotize her to sleep straight through the night without a peep. But I'm sure I'll join Maren in looking back on these days with great fondness and a sense of longing. We already find ourselves in front of the computer screen, looking back on pictures of Avi at a week old, or a month old, and are amazed at how much she's changed in such short time. Thankfully, we have the superpowers of digital single lens reflex cameras to stop time for us, like the above and below pics of Avi on Dec. 27th- her 6 month b-day. This is surely one superpower we intend to utilize to the max.

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