Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pedersen Baby Shower

The day after the Rodriguez (Michael's family) baby shower, my family's side threw another baby shower for us. What love we have! Annette Bauer, a great family friend, hosted the shower all on her own with the help of cute Julie Rose.

Thank you, Annette, for all the time and fun energy you put into planning this shower. It was a gorgeous setting (Piazz del Panne) with wonderful food and caring people!

My mother is feeling my cousin-in-law's belly while I sip my frothy (decaf) cappuccino. Sarah is one month ahead of me and she is also having a girl.

Tiramisu cake. Need I say more?

The cutest little labels (this one reads: yeah, baby) were on these shower gift bags.

The menu. I took one of both the French toast and egg scramble. Yummm...

Annette, the master of ceremonies, leading us to begin some fun games.

Here we are, diligently trying to write down as many answers as we can to the Baby Celebrity Name Game. Did you know a celebrity named their baby "Pilot Inspektor"? Now I can't go wrong after reading that name!

The second game: Trivial Pursuit... Mommie Maren Edition included questions like: What was Maren's favorite childhood storybook?, What was Michael's favorite childhood food?, and What is the size of Maren's waist today?

My beautiful mother-in-law, Julia.

Annette procured beautiful flowers from the local farmer's market. Michael couldn't stop taking pictures of them!

The last game was "Create a Diaper Using a Roll of Toilet Paper"! Michael's Aunt Julie here is the willing model. Thanks, brave ladies!

My sister-in-law Aryn and her group went all out with their diaper design. (Did my mom's influence in this group have anything to do with the funky suspenders?)

Gift time! Michael's mom wrapped up some of Michael's baby shower gifts she received and used with him! Here is a little baby blanket-outfit that was hand-made over 36 years ago for Michael!

My amazing and fun Grammy Louise. She does water aerobics 5 days a week! I hope my schedule frees up some so I can enjoy that great exercise in the water in these last months of my pregnancy with her.

A fun, after-bath, towel with a built-in hoodie. Having a baby, and getting all this cute stuff is a little addicting!

This gift didn't come with a name tag, so I didn't know who to thank until after I opened it. Once I saw that the little shirt said "Azusa Pacific" I knew it was from Michael's cousin Meagan, who attend the college. How cute the tiny shirt is, huh?

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow. Thank you to all my friends and family who attended the shower. Thanks to Aryn who drove 6 hours to come for the afternoon, and thanks to India who drove from Berkley to attend! What a loving group of women I have. My sincere thanks!

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  1. Maren- I am SO sorry that I was out of town and missed your baby shower; I was so bummed my love! I do hope that you received the "baby gift album" (one each from me, mom & grandma Smilie) These albums allow you choose from 20+ different items. Love U~ XOXO