Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted on our baby blog, much to the disappointment of my better half-- that sacred vessel of life, holder of mystery, sacrificial host of divine creation, my little wifey. (I guess she counts as more than half at this point?) I just wasn't sure what to write about. After all, I'm not the one whose belly has swollen to Ethiopian proportions. I'm on the outside of this thing, bearing witness to it all. Yeah, I attend the birthing classes, read the pop-parenting books which tell me how I'm pregnant too, etc., but the fact is, the only big thing in my belly is last night's double-double hamburger and animal-style fries.

And while the wonderful reality of a 3rd party in our family has indeed hit home since I first heard her heartbeat and daily feel her Bruce Lee kicks and punches, "pregnancy" remains a little abstract. I think 99% of this is because Maren has made it so easy for me. I've heard about pregnant mothers wreaking vengeance on the fathers for what they've "done" to them, and I expected to have lost all dignity and most of my hair by now (maybe that'll come when our little girl becomes a teenager...). I assumed I'd be nothing more than an attending slave to a hyper-needy fatty (i.e., Brittney Spears personal assistant). But not my wifey. For the most part, she makes this pregnancy thing seem like a moderate hike. She (literally) pulls her own weight, as well as the many other "weights" in our lives: business, community, r.v. travel, me. Maren is truly amazing. Our baby is one lucky baby. And I'm the lucky paterfamilias.


  1. you're the best, baby! my life wouldn't be half as sweet without you!

  2. You two are entering the best time of your lives! It will be the busiest and you won't know if you are coming or going, but it is the best. Thanks for including us on this journey. We'll be as close to your sides as you want us to...... Looking so forward to meeting this little ANGEL from GOD! Love you both!

  3. Michael, my precious son, "YOU" are the amazing one!! I've taught you well. I'm so proud of both of you and Love you even more!! God Bless all Three of you, Love and Kisses, MOM JULES

  4. Michael, my precious son, "YOU" are the amazing one! I'm very proud of you both and Love you even more. Keep up the good work! God Bless all three of you!! Love and Kisses, Mom Jules

  5. Thanks Michael for taking all the pictures at the showers and for being such a good sport for even coming to them. We're so glad Maren found you and it's a real pleasure including you in our family.

    Love ya!

    Paul and Peggy