Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 2013

Shoes, shoes, shoes.  Mila's obsession.

Waving daddy goodbye in the morning.

common meal fun!

Mila shares her apple with daddy.

she still falls asleep while breastfeeding before a nap if she's tired enough.  But sometimes, she will be so awake when I lay her down in bed that she waves bye & smiles to me as I walk out of the room!

Grandparents DO spoil grandkids!  And Avi knows it!

Just another Monday morning hike… I'm so grateful!

Mila fell asleep on the boob during the hike in the Ergo. Ah, the life!

Michael got me flowers for no reason at all… gush!

I love seeing him wear his baby!

rearranged the living room furniture.

Avi made dad a "cocktail" from her sand box. 

Yup, we all napped one afternoon!

shooting a wedding! our last of 2013

see how dirty the floor is?  this is normal.

daddy made a smiley face from chocolate chips for Aveah.

I came into the kitchen and found Avi climbing on the counter.  Love these moments!

neighborhood friends.

Monday morning hike in Avila.

If I could do this 3 hours every single day I wouldn't get bored even after 30 years!  (breastfeeding  a sleeping baby + reading a book with a cup of coffee nearby = heaven for Maren!)

Post-bath silliness and nakedness. 

Mimi explaining everyting to Aveah on the beach!

Avi going through her "all black" stage.

Mila and mommy on a date at the library and ended up playing in the bushes outside.

mommy night out with sarah roos

Aveah's first professional haircut! (It only cost $1 because they were having a grand opening special!)

She did so well at sitting still.  Look at her little hands. 

Hiking with Mila!

Homeschooling…  Working on letter sounds. 

On the Bob Jone's trail with cousins Kendall and Katelyn!

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