Friday, December 13, 2013

Disneyland - December '13 with Kendall & Katelyn & Sarah

Yeah!  We went to Disneyland for 36 hours over 2 days, 1night, with 4 girls 4 and under!  It was so much fun!  We saw parades and everything was lit all sparkly for Christmas.  Definitely going again this December!

She literally fell asleep 2 minutes before we reached our hotel.  I love her so much!  See how she's sleeping on her little hands?

It's real - once Avi sees these bench mouse heads she wants a picture!

Mila was pretty terrified to even look in the direction of these dressed up animals.

Mila liked the teacups!  I liked Mila!

 Sarah got all the girls matching hats!

the second day everyone dressed up: Avi was Minnie Mouse, Katelyn as Rapuzel, Mila as the Fairy Godmother, Kendall as Tinkerbell

waiting for sarah and kendall to finish space mountain!

mila taking her nap!

Mila really didn't like Santa!

40 inches tall!

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