Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013!

We had Christmas morning (on the 22nd) at home before we went to Fresno so the girls could have the memories of opening their stockings at home.  Grammy Louise came to visit, too!  

Reading our new book from Gigi!

Maren got a ukulele from Michael!

At the Fresno Zoo Lights !

Finn, Aveah and Mila dancing to Christmas music!

Avi loves her new Christmas stuffed elephant, "Ellie".  Since elephants are her favorite animal (because they can spray themselves with water) her mommy and daddy got her a really big elephant!

Christmas Eve at Mimi and Boppy's with all the kids!  Mimi got them all matching hats - this was the best picture we could get of all 8 of them!

All 20 of us!  The Pedersen clan!

The "big" kids got their own table!

Mila eating turkey & mashed potato dinner for the first time!

So, once the kids were fed, we sat them down in front of a movie hoping that we could get 10 minutes to eat our meal.  We got about 2.5 minutes of silence… and about 1 minute of that was spent taking pictures of how cute they looked all lined up on the couch!

Mila and David with Mila's new doll that sings!

Avi got an Ariel doll from Emily and Julie.  She was in love!

Mila and Grampy Alan

Aveah and PapPap

Kids playing pile-up!  Poor Mila's on the bottom!

Mila attacking Avi with a hug and kiss!

Opening presents on Christmas morning!

Mila was really, really good at this!

Mila and Daddy dancing!

Michael truly and dearly loves his daughters with all his heart.  He admires them as his life's masterpiece.  So do I.

Mila looking out the window.  Sitti looking at Mila!

Lots and lots of fun opening all kinds of presents from Sitti and Grampy Jim: clothes, puzzles, purses, dolls, books and more!  Lucky girls!

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