Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 2013

While we were away shooting a wedding (and I had a friend watching our girls plus hired a babysitter) Avi (as she likes to say) "liked her friend so much" on the trampoline that they bumped into each other and she knocked her tooth loose.  Of course, we didn't realize this til 3 days later when we were supposed to drive to LA that day.  Luckily, timing worked out - she literally had her tooth pulled minutes before we left.  Momma cringed to see her little tooth gone, but Avi didn't seemed phased by it at all - in fact, she thought it made her a big girl!

So happy at Disneyland! We got about 30 feet into the park and she saw this Mickey Mouse bench and had to sit on it!  

Soooooo excited!

 She loved the Dumbo ride!  So did I!


we gave her $20 to spend and this is what she bought!

going home to bed!  We will see the fireworks another time!

Maren went back out after the kids were asleep to ride some fast rides!  It was fun, but not as much fun as with my girls!

came back and saw these sleeping angels 

Michael and Avi took the Pilot to Fresno to trade for parent's little motorhome while Mila and me took the train!  Fun for both of us.  Above we are in the "Ladies Lounge" enjoying a little breastfeeding in privacy.

she can't sleep like this in a carseat! 

North of Santa Barbara we had the whole train to ourselves!

sending a kiss to Michael

doesn't she look 10 years old here!

When we had to go outside the grocery store until Avi calmed down and started treating me with respect.  I so wanted to just ignore her whining and bad attitude, but I made myself take the time to go outside and wait it out.  Of course, she turned back into her angelic self within minutes and the rest of the trip was pleasant!

 I'll often find Michael snoozing - just resting his eyes for a moment!

daddy went to BooBoo's with us to see Ivan!

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