Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thinking About You, Mila

There's lots of things I love about you, Mila- different things at random moments every single day. Your generous smile that lights a person up- whether that person be me or your mom (especially after you wake from a nap which are often my favorite moments with you- i love walking into your room and being greeted with your smiling face, unzipping your sleep sack while you stretch and chat with me in your baby talk- all the while smiling), a neighbor, family, friend, or stranger. Particularly with strangers, I'll observe how they notice you from afar- say 10 feet away or something- and then when you inevitably reel them in with a wave and smile and they come in close, they often give a subtle gasp when they see your eyes. Your deep, dazzling green eyes reveal a very personally connected, intelligent person behind that cherub's face. And when you're not flashing a smile at someone- times when you're sleepy and in need of a nap- your gaze is still penetrating as you pensively look into a person's eyes and just observe them, try as they might to elicit one of your famous smiles. 

You are definitely into people (a quality learned from your sparkly sister or just inherent?) and into us. We were in Ojai a few days ago, where your charm zapped a man in Bohemia cafe and he went on to describe the ancient Tibetan belief about how all these innumerable souls in the celestial sphere look down on us, observing and knowing us, and each of those souls will choose who they want to be born to. I think there's some truth to that- figuratively or otherwise. And I believe, as the Psalmists did, that you were known before you came to be with us; did you, in fact, know us beforehand?

I'm glad it was you. Out of those millions of cells in our bodily sphere, you're the one who made it. Thank you, sweet girl, for choosing us. 
-Your Daddy.