Sunday, July 28, 2013

Carlsbad and Sitti's Good!

I've always loved my mother-in-law, but she just keeps getting better!  My kids love her, too! Thanks Sitti for letting us stay with you all week long!

Michael had a lot of (well deserved) relaxation time since Sitti helped so much with the kids.  He read a whole novel - huge for him!

Mila knew that we loved it when she did this - so she'd start doing it just to make us faint from the cuteness!

 Mila pulls hair and hard, but somehow it doesn't hurt Avi!

Avi wooing us with her cuteness!

If one does it the other usually will, too!

 we went to Legoland!

This princess was 14-years-old. Avi will be that old in 10 short years!  Ba-haaaa waaa-waaaaa!

Sitti got her the dress, fairy wings and stuffed unicorn at Legoland.  I won her the red dragon and got her a pink hair extension.  She slept with all her loot (though I did take the wings off of her so that she could roll over in the middle of the night)!

The view of the playground from our room!

date night! So much fun!


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