Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013

Gosh these girls are growing quick.  They play together so well!

Mila can climb the steps and descend all on her own!  But we still stand behind her.  Her sister also helps her stay safe - I love how we all work together.  

One of Mila's favorite games - giving and taking!  It cracks her up to share and then thrills her to get it back.  So much fun for such a simple game!

Avi made a tent over the crib,
(I just love it when she sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating!)
then got in and read a book
and insisted Mila get in the fort, too!

Avi loves to read to her little sister!

Mila reaching for the books on the bookshelf.  Just recently, she's really got into books!

Love all the skin and their stories!

Oh my!

Sad because mommy and Mila had to go somewhere and she had to stay behind. She loves her sister so much!

Happy because daddy was staying with her!

Mila's 1st birthday party was fun and relaxed.  Family and friends came and she got a lemon cake (which she didn't devour like I thought she might...)

On Mila's actual first birthday, I shot a wedding in Sebastopol (north of San Francisco).  Mila and Sitti joined me.  

On the way home we visited the cousins. In this picture, Finn is 2, Mila is 1 and Reef is half (a year)!

Our expanded chicken coop!

Millie, Halle, Aveah
Hiking with Mila.  I think she's asleep at the summit!

a year old and still loves her woombie sleep sac!  I wonder when she will grow out of this thing... but she sleeps so well!

Mama henna hair!

Peacock on our front porch!

I love how Mimi and Avi are playing!  I remember playing here as a kid...

Mila and Avi in the bike trailer!

Mimi got the girls matching outfits!

Mila's getting much better at sleeping in the car!  Thank you, God!

Summer solstice on the dunes!

daddy cut this box into an airplane.  it got lots of hours of use!  Avi flew to a meadow in San Francisco to go to a wedding and took her sister with her!

All I remember from this day is that it was the first day of summer for michael so the world felt so open and free, but Avi had a temperature of 102+. So at the end of the day we went to the beach just to get outside for a little.  We visited Eames  and he carried her on his shoulders.  She was so happy!

Once a week Avi goes to Millie's so Michael, Mila and I went on a morning date to SLO!  Had coffee at our favorite cafe (and wrote the love message above in the bathroom wall!), then went thrift shopping while Mila napped (the angel!).  When she woke up, daddy put her in the stuffed animal bin and she thought that was pretty fun!

Thrift shopping with Mila.

Avi was not even afraid to touch the snake!  She reached right in!

Clay Camp at Charles's with Kendall.

I walked into the living room and saw this.  When I asked "Why? What?" Michael said, "The dish ran away with the spoon."  (Nursery Rhyme joke.)

Avi went to her first "camp" on her own!  It was for 4 days, for 3.5 hours a day.  She had fun, but I think she liked the idea of it more than actually doing it.  Several times I spied on her and saw her observing more than participating.  Another reason why we will wait on preschool...

An early morning snuggle with my girls.

Hot day - got sprayed with water to cool off. Mila crawled around outside naked and got covered in dirt.  Lovely.

Julie, David and Emily came for a short visit and read a book to Avi. She loved it and asked for weeks after to have Julie come back to read her another story!

When Olivia and family stayed in the common house, their dog Magnum slept in Avi's room.  Avi made sure he was tucked in and had a stuffed animal!  So sweet!

Olivia and Aveah!

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