Friday, November 2, 2012

Train, New Car, Ikea & Friends!

When we get a "new" used car, we shop online for the best deal.  Well, lately that's meant going to LA for a car.  We found a car we liked and didn't want it to be sold, so before Michael could get time off work, I talked my friend (my very, very good friend) Pacha into going with us.  If we take her to Ikea. Deal!  Thanks, Pacha and Millie - you made our trip not only bearable, but fun and memorable!
View of the ocean from north of Santa Barbara. Oh, forgot to say our train left at 7:00am!

It was the day after Halloween - so here's her hard-earned candy!

Soooo lucky the train wasn't too crowded!

Did I mention, "I love you Pacha!"?

At the train station - almost lost pregnant Pacha in the restroom when the train started to pull away!

My favorite part of the day - when Mila fell asleep in my arms at the dealership.  A new car is okay, but   the tiniest love of your life, trusting you, holding you, taking tiny inhalations and sweet exhalations against your chest is amazing and makes me shed tears of joy and gratitude.

Newish car - the third row of seats came in handy!

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