Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Side by Side

Already, it seems like my girls love being side by side together!  If Avi picks out stripes to wear, she wants Mila to wear stripes, too.  As soon as Aveah wakes up she wants to see Mila.  Mila smiles and turns her head in the direction of Aveah's voice anytime she's around.  They are inseparable already!  Here's some "outfits" they've shared by passing down...
Aveah 10 days old.

Mila 10 days old.

Aveah 5 months old.

Mila 5 months old.

Aveah 3 years 4 months, Mila 5 months. Both silly.

And now for something really silly.  So when we first moved to Tierra Nueva Maren grew a garden and sort of let it go untended for a while - and she came back to this huge zucchini which she thought must be as big as Keeta... So, the summer Mila was born, Maren's garden also got slightly ignored, and viola - a Mila-sized zucchini grew!  So, remembering the Keeta picture, Maren had to do the same with Mila.
While on the subject of dogs as children versus humans as children... I never thought I could love anything more than my dogs.  I was so wrong.  Now I am like, "Dogs? They are just dogs."  When Aveah was growing and developing so much that first year or two, I would sometimes find myself thinking, "Keeta wouldn't be able to grasp that with her paw." or "EZ wouldn't be able to laugh like that!" or "My dogs wouldn't be able to make words like that."  Now, thoughts like that don't even enter my brain - my kids are so far beyond any comparison!  Geez, I'm so glad that I took the plunge from "parenting" dogs to real parenting.  I love it!

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