Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012

Here's our November ramblings...

Michael and I took a date to the Grover Beach Exploration Station mixology event.  That's a shot of something that they lit on fire and served in an ice cube shot glass.

Mila sitting on Steph W's lap during a community life meeting.

Avi and Vienne.

Playing on the beach in a swimsuit in November - gotta love where we live! Avi, Vienne & Eva.

Mila at the beach, up on mommy's knees.

Nature crafts with Millie.  These are "flower catchers" - got the idea from Sarah Roos.

Avi at the dentist.  This has been a saga - Avi has about 6 cavities since her teeth are so close together.  One dentist is recommending putting her under general anesthetic and filling them all for about $6,000. The other (more holistic) dentist is saying wait and see and try diet changes.  Geez, it's been really hard knowing which is the right course because we are afraid of the negative side effects of anesthesia but also afraid of tooth abscess.

We took Cousin Kelly out to lunch one afternoon - we didn't even plan the matching shirts!

After returning Kelly to her high school we drove half a block to the ocean.  This is basically the view from her high school - lucky girl!

Aveah and Millie.  Sweet friends.

Pacha and Mila.

Visiting the Horvaths at their Morro Bay home.  Levon, Ezzy, and Aveah.

Our current morning ritual - hot cacao!  Aveah feels so grown up with her little ceramic cup!

First time Avi wrote her name was at Pacha's house!

When I'm driving and can't turn around to see if Mila's asleep, I will sometimes aim my camera back there and take a picture to see if she's asleep.  Victory this time!  Usually, Mila will not sleep in the car and if she does it for 20-30 minutes maximum.  
Walked into the living room and saw these babies all tucked in laying on the ground.  Avi is such a loving little mother to all her multi-species children.  I don't want to forget these precious moments.

Avi eating seaweed salad at a sushi restaurant - I love this girls taste buds!

On the road to Brant's house - stopping for food in Paso at Thomas Hill Organics.  Yummmm...

Aveah made a "pumpkin pie" at school. She was so excited about it we took in to Brant's house for Thanksgiving.  Mimi cut a slice of the pie and "ate" it.  Then someone who was cleaning up the house must have thrown it away - so Boppy said he ate the rest while she was sleeping.  

Mimi and Avi having fun at Sleepy Hollow.  

Avi went on her first roller coaster and LOVED it!

Avi started "setting the table."  This is what she'd do - take one paper towel/napkin and tear it into 10 different pieces for each cup, utensil, and person.  Michael would then "wipe" his mouth with a tissue the size of his pinky!


Avi walking to pick pineapple guavas first thing in the morning.

Gail, our neighbor, came out to join the fun - Avi thought she was hilarious!

Avi's drawing of mommy.  I do look pretty frazzled these days with the little sleep I'm getting...

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