Thursday, December 13, 2012

Halloween 2012!

It started like any Halloween,  and then turned into a Brajkovich Halloween.  Avi was going to be a simple cute bumblebee - an outfit she could wear on any occassion it was so fun and simple.  The Monday night before Halloween, Maren was shopping on her iPhone for a costume and came across at $23 Mad Hatter get-up.  So she bought it & told Michael.  Instantly he said, "Well, then Avi has to be Alice, Mila can be the bunny or the catapiller, or something, and I will be a character too!"  "But I already have a bee costume for Avi..."  He would not hear of it.  Before we left the couch, we had decided that Mila would be the Queen of Heart - since she has won over all our hearts - and Michael would be Lewis Carroll.  Now it was just a quick scramble to put it all together in TWO days before the Thursday SLO Munchkin March!  Arghhhhh!  Thank goodness for two day free shipping!
So pleased to be little Alice! Of course she's never seen the movie (too scary for her) but she loved it just the same!

Tierra Nueva progressive Halloween dinner.  First stop: drinks at our house!

Aveah hanging out with the older girls Eden, Helena, Anna.

Lewis Carroll

Avi had just got this slide in her playroom, and she was showing a friend how to go down it.  I love this picture though - doesn't she look just like Alice falling down the rabbit's hole?!

One drop makes your smaller, the other drop makes you larger...  
Mixologist Michael, errr... I mean Lewis.

 I spent hours making Mila's felt heart crown - the only part of our costumes I couldn't find elsewhere...

Of course, we had to have an excuse to wear our other costumes!  Mila dressed as the Human Bean and Avi in her Bee costume Gigi got her.

Avi with Ivan Ulz - our local toddler music celebrity.

The original four: Avi, Macy, Tessa & Kendall at the Munchkin March

Maren, Mila, Katelyn, Doug, Dick and Dar all came out for the crazy March!

Alice in SLOland family

The most labor intensive part of all of our costumes combined: the Queen of Hearts hat. I couldn't find an infant size heart crown online anywhere, so I hand sewed one out of felt.  Pretty proud mama!

Corrin, Sarah Roos, Maren, Sarah Pedersen - so proud of our cute little kids!

Avi called her pumpkin "Max" o' Lantern, not Jack o' Lantern!  Daddy helped her carve it - Aveah picked the design.
The candy Avi left for the Switch Witch.  
Avi got to keep 3 candies of her choosing.  The rest she put on a plate for the Switch Witch who brought her a pair of Princess "high heels" which Avi had been eyeing at her friends' houses.

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