Saturday, December 15, 2012

November 2012

Grammy came to visit us in Oceano parent participation!

Avi's first horse back riding lessons - age 3 1/2.

Jubilee, her first horse.  A sweet 32-year-old mare.  Very lucky to get her as our first horse.

Yup, Avi is pretty tiny compared to this horse.

She's not scared at all - a real comfortable rider and horse person.  In fact, the first day she was kissing Jubilee on the legs and face!

 Fun with Cousin Kendall in the foam pit at gymnastics!

 Daddy falling asleep with flying Mila on his lap!

 5 months old... 

She's just a happy person!

Avi loves setting up little picnics or fort blankets for her animals and dolls.

Daddy loves spending time with Mila while she's on her changing pad.  She loves it, too!  

I think she likes feeling Michael's furry face!

Our frist trip to Sleepy Hollow in San Jose (jumping across stones with Mimi and first roller coaster with daddy, Mom and Brant)

This age started trips to the dentist that highlighted how close together Avi's teeth are and her propensity to get cavaties - 6 teeth, needs general anesthesia, and a $4,000 bill to get them fixed!  All this despite trying to radically change her diet to alkaline based and flossing every night along with brushing.  Very sad and frustrating...

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