Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carlsbad with Sitti & Grampy

 Avi getting the deluxe bathing treatment from Sitti while the "boyfriends" watch.  (The story behind the "boyfriends": On the train ride, Avi was talking with another passenger, and Avi asked who that was sitting next to that passanger, and I said, "That's her boyfriend."  Well, then Avi became fixated with the word "boyfriend".  So, when she met her cousins Madeline, Abigail, and Jamie, she started calling them the "boyfriends".  It cracked me up!

 Sitti watched Avi while Michael and I went to downtown San Diego to the Shout House - a dueling piano bar.   It was a fun night out!

Avi so cool hanging out with the big kids.  Just chillin' in the "hot pool".

Some mornings, Sitti would take Avi outside and play with her so we could sleep in.

Other mornings, we took care of Avi like this...

The view of the ocean from our room.

At an impromptu playdate at the park.  Avi met this boy from New York City, and they played together for over an hour!

Sitti is the best!  She got in the pool and played with Avi for hours!  Thank you Sitti!

Here is one of Avi's followers, Ravella.  This little Russian girl fell in love with Avi the first time they met, and continued to ask to play with Avi throughout the week.

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