Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At the Table with Avi.

 Avi invited her friend Nonny over for noodles.  These are creamy pesto linguine with smoked salmon.  Avi has fine taste.

 Eating is so much fun!

 Avi likes sitting in a booster seat to eat.  She was never too fond of her hair chair.  She never really liked being "tied" to one area.  So around 18 months we gave up on the hair chair when we got this kitchen nook set with a bench she could walk all around on while eating.  Crazy, roaming, grazing eater!

 When not eating at the table, Avi can be found playing with toys or drawing.  Here she plays with her favorite toy of the moment: her Matroyska "babuscka" Russian Nesting Dolls.  She adores these dolls so much that Maren found her a Matroyska doll shirt for her to wear.

 Where Avi is, Daddy (weird, strange, cooky Daddy) is nearby.

Eating breakfast. Avi likes to attack her food!

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