Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Summer, Part I.

Summer means traveling, seeing family, friends visiting, and having fun!

 Mimi, Poppy, Avi and Maren went shopping at Costco to help Brant prepare for his Chiropractic office grand opening party.  We saw this bear and took a picture of it and sent a text to Michael saying we got this for Avi.  No response... Oh well, it was a joke!

 What's summer without a movie day?  Here Susan played Up! for all the kids in the neighborhood. Avi is intently watching and eating popcorn.  This lasted for about 25 whole minutes!  Maren was totally impressed!

 Halle and Dan visited and shared a book with Avi on the couch.

 Aveah attended Halle's 2nd birthday party and ate 1.5 cupcakes.   After Halle's birthday, Avi has been singing "Happy Birthday" all over the place all day long.  This is special to us because it is the first songs Avi has learn to sing.  Mostly she will sing happy birthday to her friends, meaning she will insert there name into the song, but sometimes she sings it to us too.  It's nice having your birthday celebrated 4 months in advance!  

 We met up with Brant, Aryn and Finn as they were heading through town.  Eric, Kelly, Pam, Louise, and Margie met us in Morro Bay for dinner, too.  Eric took Avi outside to explore while we waited for our meal - as you can see it was a really foggy afternoon!

 Avi looking after the sleeping Baby Finn.  Whenever Avi sees a baby now, she says, "Baby Finn".  She sure loves her little cousin!

 Look at the pride and joy emanating from Great-Grammy Louise's face while she holds her month-old great-grandson with her 2-year-old great-grand-daughter nearby.

 We went to the Paso Robles water park.  Avi really liked it, but the water was too cold for her in the kiddie pool, so we mostly hung out in the lazy river.  Fine with me - I loved it!

Anyone guess what those growing puddles of water are that Avi is looking?

 Being on vacation means eating like your on the road.  Here Avi has her first-ever peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.  She liked it okay.  The whole wheat bread is as tan as her face.

Aveah and Daddy enjoying a simple lunch in our little motorhome.  Avi likes eating with the table down.  In fact, she insists upon it!

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