Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Phone Pictures Update

Here's the phone pictures update (i.e. crappy, but meaningful pictures from our silly phone cameras).

Here's a few pictures to prove that Mommy and Daddy get out on their own once in a while (thanks to grandparents and babysitters).  Above, Maren is snowboarding at Sierra Summit with Michael.

Night out on the town.  We went for a wonderful dinner at Luna Red in SLO, had lots of good wine, then went to a movie afterwards.  Ahh, so fun!

Another night on the town - this time we did First Friday Art roaming in SLO.

This picture was taken on a very warm day in February!

Bath time!  We always give Avi her sippy to drink while in the bath, otherwise she likes to drink the bath water!

Impromtu spring afternoon lawn party with our neighbors.  One guitar eventually led to 2 guitars and a banjo and lots of lounging adults and playful kids, and even 2 dogs!

Work day with our neighbors.  Avi helps Maren by keeping her warm on her back while Mommy shovels.

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