Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden Party

We celebrated Memorial Day (yes, I'm very behind with updating the blog) with our neighbors and friends in our garden.  This year, Avi and Mommy are growing: tomatoes, carrots, corn, zuchinni, kale, chives, lettuce, butternut squash, pole beans, beets, lipstick peppers, and...  We are very excited about harvesting!

Maren's contribution to the party: bruschetta with goat cheese and marscapone spread, pickeled figs, and olive oil pistachio toppings. (Honors go to Sarah Roos for making this first, Maren just stole the good idea.)

 The chickens were invited, but had to stay in their coop.

 We had a good turn out - about 30 people!

 Our garden beginning to grow!

I also made Tierra Nueva Tea (a.k.a. Sarah Roos's Tea!).  I call it TN Tea because I'm able to get all the ingredients at Tierra Nueva: lemon vebena, lavendar, mint.  Yummy!

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