Friday, April 15, 2011

Santa Barbara Zoo with Dorian, Penelope & Brian!

Our friends, who we actually knew B.A. (before Avi), invited us to go to the Santa Barbara zoo on a day trip with them.  So, we carpooled down there and made a day trip out of it.  The weather was slightly drizzling, but that kept the crowds at home.  We packed a lunch and ate on the grassy hill while the kids played in between bites.  They both took a nap in their strollers, somewhere between the rattlesnake exhibit and the gorillas.  They were happy, we were happy!

 One little mokey - the cutest of them all!

 An elephant in the background.

 Mommy and Avi feeding the giraffe.  Fun!
 It cost $5 for 3 small pieces of lettuce!  We figured that this giraffe made about $150 an hour!

 Giraffe eyelashes... now I know where that $150/hour goes: to mascara!

 Giraffe tongue, black and rough.

 Getting suited for the rain.

 Penelope helped rock Avi to sleep in her stroller. Thanks, Penelope!

Avi and mama sad that it is time to leave...

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