Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bedtime rituals

Avi has a good life... She eats, sometimes bathes, always gets a story and a breastfeeding before she curls up in bed with her "lovey" and falls asleep for (this is the best) 11-12 straight hours!  Yes, Avi is finally, finally, finally sleeping through the night!

 Reading with Daddy.  Avi will now say "lap", meaning she wants to sit on our lap to read.

 Uh oh!  Avi is getting sleepy - as seen in the inevitable rubbing of the eyes!

Brush those teeth!  Avi doesn't always have this much fun brushing her teeth.  In fact, we have to sometimes hold her down and even then we can only get a few good swipes at her pearly whites.  She is at a point where she wants to brush her own teeth.  The only problem with that is she often brushes the outside of her mouth better than the inside!

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