Monday, April 4, 2011

Parent Participation, Part II.

Michael visited Parent Participation with us last week and thus our camera came, too.

 Learning new songs.

 Interacting with the songs and their movements.

 Macy, Tessa, Avi.  They usually look more excited than this photo shows.  

 Macy and Avi.  These two are laughing buddies!  You put them together, and they will start cracking up over anything!  It is absolutely adorable to watch them play and laugh.

 Tessa, Avi & Macy looking at a "rolly poley" bug in Corrin's hand.

 Avi trying to touch the bug.

 Avi in the swing with Cousin Kendall in the background.

 All the girls on the swings!  This was a hard shot to get, and it still isn't that great... Try to get 4 toddlers to look your way at the same time!

 Poster girls for Parent Participation: Tessa, Kendall, Macy & Avi.

Kendall imitating Mommy Sarah by holding her purse the same exact way! Sarah is about 4 months pregnant in this photo.  We just found out she is having a girl!


  1. Great pictures! I'm sad we missed class when Michael was there! I love Avi's little vest and her smile is just the BEST!!!