Saturday, December 19, 2009

Uncle Brant & Auntie Aryn

Maren's brother Brant sorta scared us when he made the comparison of a baby's gotta learn to suffer through a car seat ride to an adult paying taxes; both don't want to do it, but they've got to. Brant's the first to recognize that he doesn't know "anything" about kids, since he has an empty nest (and thus lots of free time and money to spend on fun things). But, when he made that comment about letting a baby cry so that it will learn to do things that aren't pleasant, I thought to myself, he's never gonna be left alone with my little Avi! Well, I had my little assumptions broken when Brant did take care of Avi in late November and he did AMAZING!  Avi loved him - she would just melt in his arms.  She was so content and happy!  

I never should have doubted my brother; he excels at everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING: from playing guitar, to all sports, to chiropractic, to baby-wooing. Avi just adored him! In fact, I would have a picture of Aryn posted below, but Brant wouldn't let her have Avi - he just couldn't get enough of the Avi love and, at times, Avi only wanted Brant!  Sorry, Brant, for ever doubting you!

Here are some pictures from a walk we took on the dunes on Sunday morning before they headed home.

Uncle Brant.

"cousins" Cali & Dax, Brant & Aryn's "practice kids"

a cool picture of the dunes that Michael snuck in during our walk.

Aunt Aryn has some photographic skills. Go Aryn!

Who said dad's aren't sexy? This daddy is!


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