Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanksgiving in Fresno, 2009

We spent Thanksgiving with family in Fresno (as usual) at Michael's mom's house this year. Sadly, Michael's dad was in the hospital, but thankfully, he is now out and recovering!

Disclaimer about the above picture: Michael's mom made us do that! She kept telling Avi that she was going to cook her as the turkey and then put her on the platter. Well, put a visual idea in photographers' minds often enough, and we have to act on it (within reason). So.... here's the result. On a final note: no babies were harmed in the making of this photograph.

Great Nana Barbara, little Avi, Great PapPap Ed Brajkovich

Uncle David throwing Avi up into the sky - one of her favorite activities.

Avi's only cousins (so far): Matthew & Alexis. Setti (grammy) is holding Avi in her Thanksgiving dress which Setti bought for Avi. Thanks, Setti!

Avi with her other great-grandma, G.G. Carmen. Do you see the resemblences? I do.

Avi taking some reflective moments to play the piano at Setti's.

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