Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas competition.

Avi's Christmas card photo picking was tough competition this year! We've never actually sent Christmas cards out before, but this year, we had a very good reason to start doing so: to spread the love and cuteness of little Aveah!

4.12, Would have had it if her eyes had been looking at the camera.

A perfect 5.o, how could you get any cuter???

4.67, nice work, Avi, but the photographer has some lighting issues to be worked out - notice the shadow line on the right side...

4.88, overall appealing in every way, yet it just doesn't hold enough Avi personailty. Perhaps if her face was closer to the camera, it may have had more impact.


  1. oh my gosh the one with the stocking is too cute for words!! Do you just want to squeeze her all day long??

  2. basically that is all we do all day-- squeeze her (and take more pictures). We're lucky if we can get in a meal and a shower.